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Welcome to Chef Rajan Bakery, where we are passionate about creating the perfect cakes for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or just want to indulge in something sweet, we have just the thing for you. Our newest addition to our range of cakes is the hanging cake, which is sure to make a statement at any event.

You can hang your cake and eat it, too - These chandelier cakes are stunning centrepieces
A new wedding cake trend has emerged where wedding cakes are made to be a décor and edible.
These structured cakes are gravity-defying and are either called chandelier cakes or hanging cakes.

Chef Rajan Bakery is no stranger to creating luxury cakes that exceed expectations. With each new trading challenge that comes their way, they rise to the occasion and deliver delicious and visually stunning cakes that leave their customers in awe.
From towering wedding cakes to intricate birthday creations, Chef Rajan Bakery has mastered the art of baking and decorating cakes. Their attention to detail and use of only the finest ingredients ensures that each cake not only looks amazing but tastes incredible too.
If you're looking for a cake that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression, look no further than Chef Rajan Bakery. With 25 years of experience and dedication to excellence, you can trust that they will create a cake that meets and exceeds your expectations. So why settle for anything less? Contact Chef Rajan Bakery today and let them help you make your next event one to remember!

Introducing the latest trend in the world of cakes - Chandelier Cakes! Unlike traditional cakes that sit on a table, Chandelier Cakes are suspended from the ceiling and resemble a chandelier. Chef Rajan Bakery has brought this unique concept to India and designed their first Chandelier Cake for Rahul Sinha’s wedding Gola Road in Patna.
Creating a Chandelier Cake is no easy feat. The cake must be held together by a wrought iron stand to support its weight and to ensure it remains structurally sound. The stand can be further embellished with flowers or other decorative elements that complement the cake's design and color.
The Chandelier Cakes from Chef Rajan Bakery are not only visually stunning but also delicious. They use high-quality ingredients and bake all their cakes from scratch, including the fondant used for decoration. The bakery's founder and director, Chef Rajan, stated that the bride-to-be who requested the Chandelier Cake had seen a picture of a similar cake created by an international artist. Chef Rajan Bakery rose to the challenge and created a beautiful, unique Chandelier Cake that was well worth the effort.
These hanging cakes are decorated with plastic flowers, silver studded ribbons, studs, and crystals. The flower arrangements include roses, lilies, peonies, and orchids. The result is a stunning, unique cake that is sure to be the talk of any event. With Chef Rajan Bakery's commitment to quality and creativity, you can trust that your Chandelier Cake will not only look amazing but taste amazing as well.